The Words I Didn’t Know I Needed to Hear, Until I Heard Them

Recently, I heard some inspirational words that I didn’t know I needed to hear, until I heard them. I was casually doing my wifey duties at home, while simultaneously listening to a podcast. Cleaning, listening, cleaning, listening, & then boom. A few of the speaker’s words hit me like a truck. I literally stopped in my tracks, & had to rewind the podcast just to hear the words again. He said,

My definition of hell would be one day God showing me all of the things I could’ve accomplished, had I only tried… We have to live our lives so when that conversation happens, God is going to put his hand on our shoulder & say, ‘Job well done.’

This applies to everyone. Even the nonreligious. If you believe in God, the quote is straightforward. If you don’t believe in God, or afterlife, apply it to your last moments you will be alive. It will instead be a conversation with yourself, to yourself. We can all look ahead to the day this conversation will come, & prepare ourselves for either outcome. We have the power to decide our values, & prioritize our lives accordingly.

I then asked myself what I wanted to accomplish in life, & reminded myself of steps to getting there. As these thoughts were going through my head, the speaker asked, “Who are you fighting for?” I instantly knew my answer. I am fighting for the people going through difficult life situations, the people who feel alone, the people that think their lives won’t ever get better; the person that I used to be.

So how was I helping them on the days that I chose to binge watch a show on Netflix? How was I helping them on the days I decided to just sit around, & play video games? I wasn’t. I knew I could do better, & I knew that I could accomplish more by just trying.

That podcast was exactly what I needed to hear, though I didn’t even know it beforehand. So, what about the other people who may need to hear my words for inspiration, too? Inspiration they may not have realized they even needed? My words that you may not even realize you need.

I sat down, & wrote out exactly what I wanted to share with the world. The things in life that I want to accomplish/ a letter to all of the people I’m fighting for. A letter expressing the reasons why I choose to live life the way I do. I titled the work “My Commitment”. Upon finishing the writing, my heart felt content. I then asked myself, “Okay, now what is the best way for me to share this with the world? What is the best way this will really move people?”

I closed my eyes, & paid close attention to how my words made me feel. They made me feel calm. Happy. Hopeful. I decided to make a cinematic video truly expressing the emotions within me. I began to research music that aligned closely with my feelings. I found beautiful, emotional, acoustic guitar instrumentals; & they were perfect. My significant other, & I spent a whole weekend documenting our adventures for this new video.

Afterwards, I spent an entire day editing my work. I’m sure most people cringe at that thought. “A whole day?!” you probably just asked yourself. Yes, a whole day! But what is just one day of editing a video dedicated to a greater cause? Just one day creating content for the people I’m fighting for? Here are the words of my writing that I used for the video:

This is my commitment.

My commitment to myself, to you, to my lover, & to the world. I choose to dedicate every single day of my life to this commitment.

I’m choosing to live, & to be happy. To giving all of my love into life, & into other people. I choose to not let this world get the best of me. To understand that life is so much bigger & greater than just the tough situations that we all go through. To truly understand that.

I choose to appreciate the gift of life that I’ve been blessed with. To not dwell on things, but to constantly evolve. To focus on the beauty of the different environments, & the different cultures that this world offers. To learn from them.

I choose to live a life doing the things that make me feel the most alive. To loving. To laughing. To putting my heart into every single thing that I do.

& finally, I choose to share my life with you! To give you hope. Hope when you’re feeling down, or hurt. To remind you that I’ve been there too. & had I gave up, I wouldn’t have been able to get to where I’m at today.

A place where I deserve to be at. & a place where you deserve to be at, too.

It’s a place where I feel free. A place where I want you to be, too.

This is my commitment.

 & here is the final product:

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So, tell me, what is something that you want to accomplish? What is your commitment to this life? Who are you fighting for? Let me know in the comments below!! If you enjoyed this post & would like to read more of my work in the future, on the top righthand side of this page is a field where you can type your email into to follow this blog. (If you are on your phone it will be underneath this post) Also, if you would like to follow me on Instagram, click here! Much love.

♡ Valerie Karen.


6 thoughts on “The Words I Didn’t Know I Needed to Hear, Until I Heard Them

  1. Ingrid Rizzolo says:

    We all want to h ear a well done at the end of our tenure on earth. As you rightly commented if we want to realize this commendation then we have to decide our values, and prioritize our lives accordingly.

  2. simplyshannonagins says:

    I’m in kind of a weird transitional place right now so I really needed to read this! Those truly are inspirational words that really make you reflect on your life and your current situation. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Mirley Guerra Graf says:

    This was beautiful! I needed to hear that too. I’m trying to grow my business so that I can stay home with my girls and be able to purchase their necessities. It’s hard, but totally worth it.

  4. Mirlene says:

    What a beautiful post. Sometimes when we dont realize it, God is speaking to us without out knowing it until we hear the voice. I too am trying to grow my business to stay at home with my youngersters. The worst feeling is to not be able to fulfill this dream. Thanks, for sharing!!!!

  5. Jen @ Jenron Designs says:

    I really love this post, sometimes it is really good to refocus and remind ourselves what it is that we want out of our lives. Sometimes just the simple act of defining ourselves helps us to find our focus and thus our joy.

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