Welcome to the Adventure!

I’m a strong believer of the power of a great story. Stories can take us places without us physically even being there. Stories can move us, inspire us, make us sad, etc.
We all love a good story. Whether you’re a book lover, a movie-goer, a gamer, the uncle at the campfire with the best ghost stories- we are all drawn to amazing tales. & when we choose to listen to a story, really taking it in, letting it impact us in one way or another, we are travelers.
I guess you can say these photos are the thumbprint of who I am, who my husband is & what we choose to represent.
Travelers. Adoring every great story we hear, letting them move us & take us places, all while creating our own stories to tell. Our own stories to inspire fellow travelers. Through lifestyle//travel photography to show you life’s beauty. Through blogging to empower your soul. & Through videos, to bring you along with us.
P.S. If you’re new here- welcome to the adventure.

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