Yes, it's true. Your eyes did not deceive you. Zachary, & I are moving to Germany... GERMANY. Like what?! Somebody pinch me, because there is no way this is my life!! I once thought I would never leave the valley I grew up in, & now I am moving literally across the world! Who am … Continue reading THE SECRET IS OUT – We Are Moving to GERMANY!

Ways to Embrace Being Present & Strengthening Your Mind

It's time to talk about the importance of being present, & strengthening our minds at the same time. Not only does this post provide simple techniques we can practice in our day-to-day life, but I also include some of the best games for keeping our minds sharp; games that will help us be more present... Click title or picture to read more.

Why I Quit My High Paying Job

"Go to school to get a job so you can make a lot of money," Isn't that what is constantly preached to us when we're younger? It's drilled into our heads like our lives depend on it, like money is all that life is about. So I did just that. I went to school, got a job as a Photographer Sales Associate on the strip in Las Vegas, & started making some pretty big bucks. Except I learned that money wasn't everything... Click title or photo to read more.