Meet Me!


Hello. ♡

My name is Valerie. 21 trips around the sun later, & here I am! Eager to take my life experiences, things I have learned (& things I’m still learning), & share them to inspire others. Take all of that good stuff, sprinkle in some of my passions, a little dash of faith, & well-ah! The art of this website.

A B O U T  M E 

I have overcame severe depression. Growing up, I swore I was cursed, because I felt everything so deeply. After training my mind to see the good in every situation, I realized that I wasn’t cursed, but was in fact blessed. Blessed because having such a big heart meant I could use it to help others. I could be brave. Brave enough to inspire others to find the beauty in life, & this world.

The last five years I have been a photographer. What is more special than capturing moments, & being able to hold onto them forever? Corny, yes, but so true after the moments pass, but the photos & memories live on.

Current Pic

I have gone through a number of niche’s- from sports photography to fashion photography. It took some time to dig deep down, & truly hone in on what I hold closest to my heart. I had to ask myself a number of questions to figure it out. What means the most to me? What makes me feel something? What could make others feel something, too?

Zack & I

We travelled across the country 14 times (combined) in 4 years to be together. Here is us in Virginia!

While keeping those questions on my mind constantly, I started to travel. Let me tell you- if you have never gone somewhere completely new & different before- do it. When I flew across the country for the first time, stepped out of that airport, & the crisp winter east coast air hit me- I felt something change within me. I felt excited. I felt hope.

I started to dabble in outdoor photography, & ended up falling in love. There was something about not being in control of nature, [the lighting, weather, etc] & having to learn how to let it speak for itself. When mother nature has a plan of it’s own, you’re left with nothing but your own creativity. Learning how to appreciate the beauty of art has taught me how to appreciate the the beauty of life.♡

I used to just have “photographer” in my title, but over time I realized my passions have always gone deeper. Yes, I have adored photography since I was little- but that’s not all.

I also have always loved to write. I remember when I was younger, I would sit in my bedroom, & spend hours writing short stories for fun. English was always my favorite class growing up. Even now, for the last five years or so, I’ve acquired multiple journals where I document the deepest parts of my soul. 

Creating things in general has always interested me. In fifth grade, I started my first Youtube channel. Middle school came around, & I was always behind the camera. Making “scary movies” with my friends every sleepover, hosting another Youtube channel, joining a collab, spending hours editing videos; I was always known as the camera girl.

My last passion- is helping & inspiring others. All I have ever wanted to do was positively impact at least one person. If I could help one person find life’s true beauty, just one, I will know I did not fail what I was put on this earth for.


My brothers & I in the 90’s. Can you guess which one is me?!

SO- Now what? I asked myself when I realized I wanted to pursue all of the things I love the most. I have all of these passions burning fiercely inside of me, but how can I somehow combine them all? How can I wrap my love for photography, writing, video production, and inspiring others all into one? Simple. Right here.

I have decided that I am not just defined as one of my passions, but all of them. I am an artist. An artist who chooses to share her passions with the world.

Through photos, so you can see how amazing this world is through my eyes; so you can see life that way, too. Through writing, so you truly get to know my soul. & Through videos, so you can join the adventure, & experience it with me.

So let me inspire you. I want to show you that life is so much bigger & greater than just the tough experiences we go through. I want everybody to see it’s beauty.
See my photos, read my words, watch my videos & find the good in the world with me. ♡



♡ Valerie Karen.